An innovative training program in Latin America for maternal health improvement.

Our Mission

The overall aim of the MundoComm initiative is to develop an innovative training program that enhances the ability of community-based field teams in Latin America to use Information Community Technology for maternal health improvement. ICT technologies have rapidly gained visibility within maternal and child global health communities, and growing evidence indicates that ICT interventions can significantly improve maternal health in lower- and middle-income countries.

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MundoComm team members and faculty meet twice a year at the "Universidad de Ciencias Médicas" UCIMED in San José, Costa Rica for weeklong training sessions. These sessions are focused on topics relating to Maternal Health and the use of ICT to address challenges in delivering maternal and child health services.

Our Research

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Our research component, supplement the overall mission for MundoComm. This research aims to understand multilevel household and community factors affecting maternal health and how they could be impacted by community oriented technology changes. The work is being conducted in Honduras, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic to learn more about maternal health and ICTs in the locations they serve.


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Research Productivity

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